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In line with the national development effort, below are the projects ASTI is currently undertaking under these three (3) major program thrusts: ICT; Microelectronics; and Technology Transfer Program.

ASTI has been continuously working on different products such as: 1) Digital multimeter; 2) RF training kit; 3) GSM data terminal; 4) Pasteurizer; 5) Linux device drivers; 6) Server application; 7) Client application; and 8) VoIP.

Conceived as a solution to the ever increasing need for communication and collaboration among the Philippine Research, Educational and Government Institution Network (PREGINET) partner organizations.

The project hopes to introduce FPGA technology to the local electronics industry to make products more competitive and to prepare the academe and industry for entry into the global microelectronics market.

An Open Source thin client solution with an installation utility and management tool that effectively utilizes resources and intelligently manages the whole system in a single web-based application.

A Philippine research and education network that advances the development of next-generation network technologies, applications and services with the aim of sharing, transferring, and making these technologies accessible to different user communities

The project involves development of an Open Source based desktop solution called Byanihan Linux (BL) with the end goal of providing the best alternative desktop solutions to the Filipinos.
  • e-Nutrition Project

The “Establishment of the Philippines' Knowledge Center on Food and Nutrition” or “e-Nutrition” is a collaborative project of Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), both attached agencies of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

It seeks to improve the nutritional status of Filipino population by providing electronically accessible information on food consumption, nutrition and health status, and other essential indicators that will be useful for policy-making, monitoring, evaluation, planning, and development of nutrition-related programs.

e-Nutrition won the APEC Digital Opportunity Center grand prize award under e-governance category held in Taipei Taiwan last June 30, 2006.
  • PAGASA Interactive Climate and Weather Information Network (PICWIN) Project

The PAGASA Interactive Climate and Weather Information Network (PICWIN) project aims to modernize the communications network of PAGASA, expedite the delivery of weather advisory services to the concerned public officials as well as the general public, and provide a platform for Philippine meteorological researchers to develop and adapt various numerical models.

One of the critical aspects of the day-to-day operations of PAGASA is the timely delivery of weather information. Efficient communication is needed internally, among the various units of the agency as well as externally, with other agencies and the public. The PICWIN project identifies some of the areas where communication is most critical, and seeks to make effective use of available technology to address this need.

Information that is collected from the synoptic stations, satellite, ships, radar and other environmental sensors may be used to create a numerical model of how the weather behaves in the Philippines, and thus help make more accurate weather forecast for a certain area.

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