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Domain Name System (DNS) Adminstration

Administration and maintenance of the .gov.ph domain have been continuously rendered by the DOST-ASTI. As of December 2014, a total of 2,284 active domains of various government institutions were maintained.

There are 1,565 transactions that were processed and 2,158 existing domains that were maintained in 2014. Of these transactions, 126 were new applications that were approved while 64 applications were disapproved.  Data also showed that 394 domains were requested to be modified and 26 were deactivated. A total of 955 consultations and inquiries was attended by the ASTI gov.ph administrators.

In order to apply for a new gov.ph domain or request for modification and deactivation of existing gov.ph domain name, a request form is available for download at the gov.ph Domain Website.