The DOST-ASTI continues to manage and operate PREGINET, the country's National Research and Education Network(NREN) with direct links to international Research and Education Networks (RENs) such as the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), Trans-Eurasia Information Network 3 (TEIN3), School-on-the-Internet Asia and Collaboration for Network-eNabled education education, Culture, Technology and science Asia (CONNECT) Asia. These connections facilitate technology exchange and international research collaboration. PREGINET also provides other value-adding services such as voice over IP (VoIP); videoconferencing; video streaming; webhosting; server co-location; network design; network monitoring and management; site mirroring; and technical consultancy and support.

PREGINET continued with its advocacy on the adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) in the Philippines, with the conduct of a number of training and conferences for IPv6 major stakeholders from the academe, government, and private sectors, and in the country. It likewise supports e-learning activities and telemedicine in the Philippines thru its vertable collaboration with the National Telehealth Center, UP -Philippines General Hospital, Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) and Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC). It gives regular technical support to said hospitals during live surgical demonstrations.

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